Skye Free Range Eggs

We offer Free Range eggs for sale from our own laying flocks. Our large hens include Lohmann Brown, Light Sussex, Bluebell ( Maran/Rhode Island Red cross) Bovans Nera (Rhode Island Red hybrid) and Maran.

Amongst our bantams we have Silver Laced Wyandotte and Japanese bantams and Silkies.

We also have goose eggs in season from our Embden Geese. Goose eggs are good in desserts and baking, particularly custards.

We make local deliveries every Monday morning around Struan, Ullinish and Dunvegan. Prices below also include delivery.

Call at the house gate, or to place an order please ring
Tel 01470 572280.

Sleepy Hollow
Isle of Skye

We are near the Ullinish Lodge Hotel
follow track past ‘Private Road’ sign down hill to the bottom to arrive at ‘Sleepy Hollow’.

Please note: Goose eggs only available from February to early August.

We also have FREE Goose Egg Recipes available.

Current prices below:

Free Range Eggs
Large Fowl
£4.00 per doz
£2.00 per doz
£1.25 each

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